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Итальянский вечер с камерным ансамблем Officina Musicale (Италия)

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Вторник 10.10.2017 19:00
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Orazio Tuccella studied composition under Giacomo Bizzi and conducting under Nicola Hansalik Samale at L’Aquila’s  “A.Casella” college of music. He has been the director of Officina Musicale since its foundation. The “Ensemble Barattelli”, as it was then called, was born at L’Aquila in 1986 from an idea of the solicitor Nino Carloni, who was at the time artistic director of the “B. Barattelli” Concert Society.

 Activity, concerts, and a few reviews:

Rome (Queen’s Hall of Montecitorio Palace, German Academy, Nuova Consonanza, University Concert Season, Palazzo Venezia); Bologna (Musica Insieme); Milan (Teatro dell’Elfo, Palazzo Reale); Belgrade (Kolarac Hall, Ethnographic Museum of Belgrade); Buenos Aires (Auditorium Cuidad); Toronto (J. Mallet Theatre, Conservatory Great Hall); New York (Guggenheim Auditorium); Munich (Geistag, Marstall), “Orazio Tuccella’s precise and competent direction” Dietmar Polaczeck, Frankfurter Allgemaine 19.5.1992, “Orazio Tuccella and Officina Musicale are one of the most brilliant lights in this biennale” R.J. Brambeck, Tageszeitung 29.5.1992; Berlin (Café Einstein); London (Queen Elizabeth Hall) “And marvellously played by the amplified Officina Musicale under Orazio Tuccella’s direction”, Stephen Petitt, The Times 13.11.1992; Linz (Brucknerhaus); Vienna (Volkstheater, Schauspielhaus) “Stravinski’s Soldier  in the fascinating rendering of Kabinetttheatre … and the seven wonderful musicians of the Officina Musicale” Die Presse, December 1999; The rendering, directed by Orazio Tuccella, is executed by the musicians of Officina Musicale, an ensemble whose performances always prove  the sound preparation and the prowess of the interpreters.”  Michelangelo Zurletti, La Repubblica 27.11.2001; Firenze (Maggio Musicale Fiorentino) “Orazio Tuccella directed the musical performance with splendid authority” The Times 21.5.1992; Ravenna “I was struck with the first-rate quality of the performance”, Cristina Muti, President of the Ravenna Festival, 11.7.2002.

For the centenary celebrations of Giuseppe Verdi’s death, on 26th January 2001, Officina Musicale played in live broadcast on the Radio Third national programme, the music for the world premiere of Vappensiero (Per non dire il Nabucco), music by Antonello Neri, dramatized and acted by Vittorio Sermonti. They have recorded a CD with music by Henri Pousseur (“tes musiciens e toi-mème avez fait un travail tout a fait magnifique, d’une conscience exceptionelle”, H. Pousseur, 7.7.2001). On 27th January 2005, for the “Giornata della Memoria”, they were invited by the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies to hold a concert in the Queen’s hall of Montecitorio Palace. The Chamber of Deputies has printed the live recording on DVD. In the course of the “Widmung” project, Officina performed dedicated pieces in homage to the various artists who were present: Jannis Kounellis (2nd July 2005) Jurij Petrovic Ljubimov (9th September 2005), the Taviani brothers (10th May 2008), Ermanno Olmi (29th May 2009), Georg Brintrup (2010). They played L’Histoire du Soldat in Lello Arena’s Neapolitan version, premiered at L’Aquila Municipal Theatre in October 2007, then also at Taormina Arte and the Segesta Theatre: “Outstanding debut, in the Paolina Chapel of the Quirinale, of the concert season of Radio3 in collaboration with Rai Quirinale … Warmly approved by the public, the ninth edition of the Radio3 concerts (also broadcast live on the radio). An original Neapolitan rendering of Stravinskij’s “L’Histoire du Soldat” was performed before the Head of State Giorgio Napolitano” . They have recorded Mozart’s Divertissements KV 247 & 334 for the Fuga Libera record company. Artistic collaborations with: Lello Arena, Kabinetttheatre Wien, Jannis Kounellis, Moni Ovadia, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Cochi Ponzoni, Vittorio Sermonti. On 29th January 2012, at L’Aquila, world premiere of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of The Moon arranged for 16 musical instruments by M. Hamlyn for Officina Musicale.

Officina Musicale is the Ensemble in residence of Rifugio di Rocca Calascio in the Gran Sasso National Park.

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